Calendar of Events
The Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center holds several special events throughout the year. Each event brings to life a different aspect of history by telling the stories of the people and the time. For more information on these events, please call (636) 798-2005 or email 

2014 Schedule of Events

April 26: Journey West
Life in the West offers the promise of a new life, but are you willing to leave everything you know behind and take the road?  Spend the day at the Historic Daniel Boone Home learning about life on the Missouri frontier and the hardships of westward travel.  Journey West is a day long event where you and the whole family step into the shoes of pioneers.  As you travel through the village you will visit with other travelers and gather supplies for the long journey and your settlement on the rich, open land of the West. Immerse yourself in the past and walk in the footsteps of America's pioneers!
September 20-21: Pioneer Days
Spend the day at the Historic Daniel Boone Home learning about life on the Missouri frontier. Pioneer Days is a two-day event filled with activities for the whole family. Play pioneer games, hear music, dance, and learn about the different trades of the time. Step into the Daniel Boone Home and visit with the legendary hero himself and hear tales filled with exciting adventure!
October 18: Halloween, Spirits From the Past
Life in the early 1800s was filled with superstition and uncertainty. As night descends, walk the lantern-lit paths and explore a pioneer village where doubt lurks in the shadows. Watch as tales and stories are brought to life and learn why townspeople were always cautious—especially at night!
December 5-6, 12-13: Christmas Candlelight Tour
Night has fallen, the stars shine above, and thousands of candles illuminate a world on the edge of the frontier. At the Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center’s Annual Candlelight Tour, guests step back to the 19th century and witness Christmas as it was celebrated in the past. Learn about different cultures and traditions while enjoying period decorations and hot wassail.

Summer Camp

June 9-13: Boone's Osage Expedition Summer Day Camp
Rangers Wanted! The Historic Daniel Boone Home and Heritage Center is seeking Rangers between the ages of 10-18. See if you have what it takes to survive the journey into the wilderness as a Boone Ranger.

Boone's Osage Expedition Camp Flier

Boone's Osage Expedition Camp Application

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